​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​EATS JAVA INC (a Registered Trademark)

Eats Java was developed not just for the love of food and coffee but for the love of business. It was developed from the beginning to Franchise. To empower the business owners of the world. A special combination of quality, healthy, non-processed food (we’re actually cooking) and coffees from around the world. Quick Service with “All Your Favorites In One Place”, along with a business and marketing plan that’s to be envied.

Our delicious breakfast pastries, premium breads and decadent individual desserts are brought in by one of the country’s foremost premier bakeries! Our hot meats like steak, chicken and tri-tip are rotisseried to perfection. Our 36” grill is where all the breakfast bagel sandwiches and burritos are cooked.  The Garlic Basil Flat Breads are cooked in a Turbo Oven using an impingement cooking technology.

Sumatra Black Satin is the bean of choice for our espresso shots. Dark roasted to level 5 with an unforgettable aroma and taste. A fully automatic espresso machine and the Sumatra bean is used for all our hot & iced lattes, mocha’s, macchiatos and cappuccino’s; combined with endless combinations of flavorings and sauces. There are four Javas on tap (Sumatra, Ethiopia, Peru, Columbia Supremo) and customers can also grind their own coffee beans with choices from 12 different countries all over the world.

A little about what makes Eats Java so efficient and special. There are 5 printer stations (espresso/frappe, sandwich, grill, pizza, java tap/pastries); when an order is placed with a customers cell phone through our mobile ordering APP it goes directly to one of the 5 printer stations. The employees then prepare the order and pass it along to one of the connect stations. This keeps employees on task at their station and assures that items move through the system much quicker.

There are 3 connect stations; this allows for fast movement of customers to get their favorite items and get to where their going. The 3 connect stations are at or a step away from the printer/employee stations. Our mobile ordering APP shows all the images and is extremely easy to use. It completely bypasses a POS. There are NO lines & No waits. Customers can order and pay before entering; drive up or walk in directly to one of the connect stations and grab & go!

Part of Eats Javas business model is to maximize income by offering all three meals of the day including dessert. And offering these three meals with delicious and healthy choices, in a quick and efficient manner. Whether or not you dine in or take out everything is served in to go containers. There are no dishes or pots and pans to wash.

Eats Java corporate handles almost all marketing; direct mail, radio & Daily Specials with facebook, twitter, instagram and mobile text alerts. Using thousands of our images and our exact language in all social media posts. Leaving franchisees to concentrate on their employees, purchasing, quality control, cleanliness, etc.

​Our business goal is to change the landscape of the fast food industry! EATS JAVA "Business Prospectus"  

"Infinite Return" "Comparison" "Sales Forecast""Menu 1""Menu 2"

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FRANCHISES COMING

Eats Java Franchises are not yet available. Once available it will be posted on this website “Franchises Available”. It will also be posted on all our social media (facebook, twitter, instagram & mobile text alerts).

If you would like to contact us about being a potential Franchisee and would like to be put in the queue, then fill in the form below “I’m Interested”. Keep in mind you will not be contacted until after the Franchises are available, we cannot promise any time line on this. When you are contacted it will be through an email.

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