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IMPORTANT: On Metamask write down & hide in a safe place your 12 word secret recovery phrase. Do NOT ever share these 12 words with anyone!

*The contents on this landing page are not meant as financial advice

How To Buy (Decentralized)

Create a Metamask Wallet account and hit the Buy button to fund the account with your bank or debit/credit card and then purchase Ethereum. Link uniswap to swap Ethereum for Jesus coin

Meet The $Jesus Community

Meet the amazing online $Jesus community at Twitter and Telegram . Attend daily church service if you wish at the Twitter link; with many testimonials and the main message being “Do Good & Give More”. Also you may join in on the conversation or just sit back and listen.

MetaMask which is trusted by millions is a secure decentralized wallet. Decentralized meaning it does NOT report to any government agencies. 


A crypto coin for Christians

$Jesus a crypto coin for Christians and non-believers, is positioned for exponential growth. The world is swiftly moving to Cryptocurrencies, don’t be left behind. There’s 2.4 billion Christians in the world; get in early! 

“Do Good & Give More” with $Jesus coin. Visit us at Twitter @jesustokens and @xCryptoChurch and join our great community.

Powered by $Jesus Coin Crypto

As we expected $Jesus coin is positioned to be one of the top performers of all of Crypto. Price, market cap, charts, website & social media links, etc can be seen at 

These videos will walk you through on how to open an account or create a new wallet with MetaMask and how to fund the Metamask wallet with your bank account or debit/credit card. It’s recommended to use small dollar amounts until you’re familiar with the process. Once you've created a new wallet at Metamask simply link it to Uniswap. 

Crypto Online Class

Crypto Online Class was created for those who are new to cryptocurrencies. It’s not meant to go into great detail but just some short videos of how to get started. There are plenty of cryptocurrencies but we’ll be focusing on $Jesus coin; a faith based Decentralized cryptocurrency. However $Jesus coin can be purchased at a Centralized exchange as well -